Payment Methods

Pay online or in-store*

*in-store payments will not print until payment is receieved.


Need your project shipped? We ship anywhere in the world!

Technical Support

Please email or call FlyPrintz with any problems regarding technical issues., 1-833-75-PRINT

All products offered are priced and online in our store. If there are any remaining questions please feel free to contact us via email.

FlyPrintz reminds all customers to print only original image files, screenshots or any other compression will cause loss of resolution/quality.

FlyPrintz doesn't offer any design, touch-up, or resizing of images. All images uploaded should be final-copy/print-ready and of proper size for best results.

Prints are completed in the order they are received. Paying for your item online with card ensures the image will print out ASAP. If the customer chooses to pay in store, they should expect to wait, because prints aren't done until paid.

All jobs are different and require different wait times depending on size/finish/quantity.

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